Bi-Weekly Loot Post pt. 2

It was expensive but worth every penny. Which says a lot because pennies get rounded up now, here where I live.

I haven’t played the game yet but I would’ve been extremely OK with an evil Phoenix, phantom thief Phoenix, and 2000% yes to apron Phoenix (nude or not). Anyway…Kazuya Nuri’s art is one of the best thing about the franchise. The way he pays strict attention to facial expressions and shapes is admirable.

The book is long sold out at official retailers but it’s possible to grab a copy of the Ace Attorney x Layton artbook from Ebay or Amazon…but expect to spend at least $35-$55 plus shipping.

Also, what are you doing here, Sissel…



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this is the face of a broken man


This is undoubtedly the saddest thing I’ve seen in this show in the longest time. Let me fill you guys in.

When the episode begins we see the gang turn up at the mansion where this Espurr is living. Only, it’s dilapidated, ruinous and seemingly abandoned. Obviously we know Espurr is living there, we’ve seen this sort of thing before. So when the gang turn up and mysterious things happen, this isn’t much of a surprise. But that isn’t what got me. This is when he starts telling his story up there.

You see, Espurr had a very elderly owner. She doted on the little thing. She loved him. But he was very young. He didn’t realise what she had going on. So when her condition worsened she didn’t want to upset the poor guy. So she sent him out to collect flowers so that he wouldn’t need to worry when she passed away. It worked, but when he came back, seeing that house empty? That got me. That brought a tear to my eye.


Thanks Tumblr, this is why I love you. Fresh outta the oven & all for me.


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